International Conference on New Trends in Social Sciences (ICNTSS)

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General Informations

Dear Colleague,

Organized by the International Scientists, an international conference about “International Conference on New Trends in Social Sciences (ICNTSS)” will be held in Istanbul between the 19th and 21th of June and we would like to see you there among us.

It will be a response to International Scientists
“Be aware of New Trends!” call and there will be various activities about that matter.

In this Congress, which we aim to improve with your contribution, we want to bring together academists and business persons, experts in this subject, from our country and all around the world.

Through this event, we aim on a meeting where studies from different disciplines can be discussed on a common platform thus it can provide the opportunity to make a sectoral contribution via new research and practice, and we plan to form new work groups to present new developements in the Social Sciences.

For this Congress, you can also send your proceedings on these matters, particularly about “International Conference on New Trends in Social Sciences (ICNTSS)” or other specified topics which you can learn more about at our website.

You can send your proceedings until the 1st of March 2020 via